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Wheelchair Vans vs. Wheelchair Trucks & SUVs

Wheelchair accessible vans have to date been the majority of the product offered to the wheelchair user community as a solution to their transportation needs. We at ATC believe the vehicle conversion industry leaders are ignoring the fact that users do not want to drive vans or mini vans as evidenced by the consumer market.

At ATC we understand van and mini van sales nationally are falling every year, as consumers desire to drive virtually anything but those two products. Mini van sales nationally make up less than 3% of total vehicle sales, which indicates 97% of consumers desire to drive something other than mini vans. Why would wheelchair users have different desires than anyone else?

We at ATC believe they don’t, which is why we offer what consumers want with our pickups, SUV’s, and cross over vehicles.

Vehicle Sales Trends
Mar 2015 % Chg from
YTD 2017 % Chg from
YTD 2016
Cars 730,723 -4.3 427,596 -12.2
Midsize 318,885 -9.5 181,671 -20.7
Small 302,412 0.4 186,128 -4.5
Luxury 109,275 -0.1 59,737 -5.7
Large 151 -38.9 60 185.7
Light-duty trucks 815,079 5.3 715,953 5.7
Pickup 216,590 3.8 177,964 3.8
Cross-over 371,947 5.3 351,338 11.1
Minivan 39,989 -22.9 34,779 -21.0
Small Van     5,075 -26.5
Midsize SUV 87,022 17.3 67,518 -0.2
Large SUV 20,990 -1.8 23,791 28.5
Small SUV 22,811 7.3 15,307 5.4
Luxury SUV 20,024 33.8 17,328 9.6
Total SUV/Cross-over 522,794 7.8 475,282 9.9
Total SUV 150,847 14.5 123,944 6.4
Total Cross-over 371,947 5.3 351,338 11.1
Source: Wall Street Journal

The facts are clear

Many wheelchair users are not aware there are viable options available instead of buying a mini van they don’t want to own. In fact, ATC conversions for Pickups, SUV’s, and Cross Over vehicles are not only viable options, but offer innovative solutions that improve the wheelchair users daily experience by addressing the shortcomings of mini van conversions currently offered by the industry.

ATC conversions addresses the issues wheelchair users most loath.

  • Gas Mileage – On average, a wheelchair conversion van will experience a 25-30% reduction in gas
    mileage. With an AT Conversion truck or SUV, you don’t have to sacrifice performance or efficiency. Our vehicles
    only affect your overall gas mileage by 10-15%. That translates into significant savings at the pump.
  • Loading Space – An ATC conversion requires a fraction of the space for loading and unloading, virtually eliminating the daily annoyance of not being able to find a parking space suitable for unloading or being blocked from loading when returning to the vehicle.

  • Undercarriage Clearance – Because our trucks and SUVs sit up higher, they are able to climb steep
    grades and easily handle curbs without causing damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle. Conversion vans actually
    even lower than regular vans, significantly reducing clearance space and making it difficult to safely overcome
  • Improved Safety Rating – Our vehicles start with some of the industry’s best safety ratings and our
    conversion process actually improves safety, resulting in an even higher rating.
  • Reduced Road Noise – One distinct disadvantage of a conversion van is the amount of road noise that
    be caused by the low profile. With AT Conversion vehicles, you will still enjoy a smooth and quiet ride without
    excessive cabin noise despite alterations to the vehicle.
  • Off Road Capabilities – Whether you like to camp, fish, hunt, or simply explore nature, our
    can get where you want to go and help you enjoy your favorite activities. They also offer towing capabilities so you
    haul your boat or trailer.
  • Gull-Wing Door – Our unique design features a gull-wing door that lifts up, allowing access to the
    profile of the truck and providing protection from the elements and you load and unload.
  • 25 Second Load Time – The smooth and powerful lift will have you loaded into your truck and ready
    to go
    in just 25 seconds!
  • Passenger Side Conversion – No matter which make or model you choose from our list of approved
    vehicles, you can enjoy passenger side conversion.
  • Accommodate Any Mobility Device – Our platforms can safely secure and lift any mobility device.
    For lightweight manual wheelchairs to heavy duty power chairs our vehicles come “locking system ready”. Your local
    mobility dealer can install hand controls and a locking system if needed.