Minivans dominate the market for wheelchair users, and the assumption is that, once you’re in a wheelchair, you’re destined to drive a minivan. For most people, that’s not the destiny they had in mind. ATConversions is here to provide the adventurer’s alternative to a minivan—wheelchair-accessible trucks and SUVs.

You might ask yourself: What is a custom SUV conversion? A conversion is when you take a standard vehicle and make changes to make it wheelchair accessible. For example, the seating on the driver’s side of an SUV can be taken out and replaced with wheelchair conversion technology, modifying the vehicle so the wheelchair user can easily enter and drive on their own. We convert the most popular vehicles in the country with endless customization options.

So, what is a conversion SUV like at All Terrain Vehicles? We offer different makes and models of trucks and SUVs to accommodate your desires. Our innovative technology also makes it easier for you—as the driver or passenger—to get in and out of the vehicle with no help. You don’t even need to use a ramp! Roll your wheelchair onto the lift platform, and our technology will hoist you and your chair into the vehicle with the push of a button. If that wasn’t enough, our innovative lift can accommodate a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, or keep the original manufacturer’s seat in place—it’s your call. With an ATConversions, there’s no need to transfer from your wheelchair to enter the truck or SUV.

The wheelchair-accessible vehicle features you can expect from our trucks and SUVs are numerous. Our lifting technology will have you in the car in seconds, there is less space required to load and unload, the gull-wing door provides protection from weather, and there is more ground clearance than traditional handicap vans, so you’re much less likely to bottom-out like a converted minivan would. You can also choose between driver-side or passenger-side conversions, as well as 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicles.

If you’re wondering about the wheelchair conversion cost of a luxury SUV or truck, it is comparable to that of a minivan, as are the base vehicles, so it’s an absolute no-brainer. Consulting one of our experienced staff members can give you a better picture of how much you can expect to pay for your newly converted vehicle.

Now that you know what a converted SUV or truck is, you can make the decision for yourself. Break free from the ordinary, experience the world without boundaries, and enjoy the freedom of a vehicle that truly reflects your spirit of adventure. Choose All Terrain Conversions for your wheelchair-accessible vehicle needs!