SVM & GoShichi Truck Conversions

Mobility SVM produced wheelchair conversions on trucks and SUVs. These vehicles have major flaws, predominantly with actuators that simply will not provide reliable service. Many dealers and end users have asked us for a solution. We of course highly recommend replacing all SVM equipment with our complete system conversion however this is may not be financially viable for many SVM owners. As such, ATC has developed a solution to the actuator issue by replacing the SVM electric actuators with a hydraulic system.

Replacing the SVM actuators with a high quality hydraulic system designed specifically for the SVM conversion will provide speed and reliability to conversion. The system is more expensive than the actuators used by SVM however it is engineered to last the life of the vehicle.

Upgrade from SVM/Goshihi Vehicles to ATC

Price $9,999.00 MSRP
Time Approximately 3 weeks

SVM Conversion In Action

Work Involved

  1. Remove both vertical and horizontal actuators and drive motors.
  2. Remove control module that powered actuators.
  3. Install hydraulic cylinders in or around beam assembly (depending on SVM version).
  4. Install hydraulic pump and back-up manifold in engine compartment.
  5. Install ATC control module, run wires and locate limit switches

ATC offers 3 year/ 36,000 mile limited warranty on parts we install ONLY. We accept no responsibility for diagnostics, travel, or rental vehicles. Our warranty covers only our parts and provides fixed rate for the replacement of a defective part per our rate chart.

We accept no responsibility for the existing SVM conversion system or OEM equipment. This upgrade requires some new switches to control the In and out function of the door however we accept no liability for SVM’s inherent door alignment issues creating wind noise and water intrusion.


…or Full Conversion

We can also do a complete conversion. This includes replacing the slide out door with a gull wing and replacing all SVM parts with all new ATC hydraulics. This rework is the same price as a new ATC conversion (prices will vary based on trim level) and the same warranty of 3 years/36,000 miles.

NOTE: Any aftermarket equipment, such as speakers, that interfere with the conversion will also need to be removed. The removed items will be returned and the end-user will be responsible for their reinstallment.