The reviews for ATC - Innovative Mobility are coming in... Shane Hill I’ve had my ATC conversion truck now for a few months. It’s an all Black murdered out Chevy Trail Boss and it turns heads even before I open the gull wing door. Friends and family are so impressed. I’m constantly demonstrating how it...

SPARTA, TENNESSEE: This ATC owner is turning heads with her converted Silverado. A small business owner and Tennessee resident, Cindy Hotalen loves the “wow” factor of ATC’s gull-wing door and wheelchair lift. She enjoys the attention received from her wheelchair being lifted in and out of the vehicle, and often takes the time to speak…

Over the past 15 years, 6,600 Americans have been killed due to the wars and countless others have experienced major limb amputations and traumatic brain injuries. These wounds take years of therapy to deal with and require the support of families, medical experts and the entire community.

Tom was a Ford Guy and pulled himself up every day to get into his F-150, falling many times. He found us online and immediately converted. He caught a ride from upstate New York to our showroom in Raleigh just as soon as his truck became available for pickup. His smile says the rest.

Paul owns a truck company in West Virginia and has always had minivans to transport him and his power chair around. His frustration with them led him to the internet, to see if there were better alternatives, and he found ATConversions.

An ATC truck, with a bow on it, is what Josh dreamed would be in his driveway come Christmas morning. Connie, his wife, was willing to move heaven and earth to help her husband get his Christmas Wish. On Thursday (Dec. 20), she and her father drove through the night from Tennessee. They made their way across the North Carolina mountains, across half the state, and into Raleigh to pick up Josh’s truck.