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"I am retired, 61 years old, and I don't give up easy! I fight! That's what lead me to ATC."

Greg Kosareff
Post Fall, Id

"I'm 42 years old C5 quadriplegic injured in an accident in July 3, 2004. I work part-time at Home Depot and the electric department."

Aric Hilyard
Hanna City, IL

I can drive. I have autonomy. I love to talk to people and show them how the truck works.

Tim Ramey
Crystal River, FL

My ATC truck gives me freedom and independence to go wherever and whenever I want.

Kristi Allen
South Dakota
Sioux Falls, SD

I’ve been injured for going on 7 years and having this conversion on my truck allows me so much freedom!

Keith Campbell
Rogersville, TN

"I love my ATC conversion. It allows me to be independent and self-sufficient"

John Ray Sharp
Athens, Texas

"I like to make everyone smile, but more importantly, I like to show people that life is worth living despite our individual challenges.”

Stephania Gonzalez
Jacksonville, Florida

"As Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina, I come into contact with many people with all different types of disabilities..."

McKayla Creef
North Carolina
Manns Harbor, North Carolina

"I absolutely love all the compliments I get from [my ATC]. Everyone tells me, 'I am so happy for you,' 'Good for you,' 'You deserve it.'"

Cindy Hotalen
Sparta, Tennessee

"I’m a software developer by trade and enjoy all things technological, but also love the outdoors."

Gabriel Valencia
Bastrop, Texas

"I love outdoor activity, and ATC can get me and my 4x4 out into the woods for safe all-terrain activities."

Tim Gardipee
Missoula, Montana

"My vehicle... [makes] it easier to go anywhere from city streets to off-road, making it more than just a vehicle; it’s independence."

Jose Hernandez
Laredo, Texas

"My hobbies include basketball, tennis, track and field, power lifting, hunting and fishing... My ATC allows me to keep my independence"

Jeff DeLeon
Salem, OR

"My new ATC truck will allow me to not only travel for my job very comfortably, but hunt anywhere I want due to its capabilities."

Scott Morgan
Kinder, Louisiana

"This is my second ATC vehicle. I really like the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the modifications."

Danner Ferris
St. Petersburg, Florida

"I am a wheelchair athlete that travels all over the U.S. for different wheelchair sports. I bought [my ATC] for a better quality of life."

Rene Peterson
Kansas City, Missouri

“I like to travel and boat a lot on the St Lawrence River. I chose ATC due to the convenience and quality.”

Thomas Lazore
New York
Massena, New York

"I am a very active person that coaches youth basketball year round... I love being able to come and go without assistance from others."

James Davis
Logandale, Nevada

"I was in an ATV accident which left me a C5 Quad. This truck allows me to do the activities I did before my accident"

Nick Rogers
Moville, IA

"I wish everyone with a need could have [an ATC]. It allows one the freedom that they should have."

Michael Stokes
Lebanon, MO

"I am a retired New Orleans police officer that was shot in the line of duty... I was not ready to settle for a minivan, so I chose ATC."

Johnny Passaro
New Orleans, Louisiana

"I love the durability, dependability & security I get from this conversion... it gives me the ability to go off-road or anywhere I choose."

John Tice
Suffolk, Virginia

"I chose ATC so I can drive from the factory chair or my wheelchair... I also like the blocking-of-elements from the gull-wing door"

Brock Lyons
Brownsburg, Indiana

"[My ATC] makes me pretty much independent: I go where I want when I want."

Joey Conner
North Carolina
Hertford, North Carolina

“The conversion allows me to go into many off-road environments, but still have modern comforts.”

Ricky Williams
Millen, Georgia

"I work full-time as a software engineer, but do a lot of traveling to play wheelchair rugby. My truck allows me to haul the team equipment"

Billy Bouffard
Westbrook, Maine

"I am a student who’s always lived an athletic lifestyle. I love the versatility of a truck... to help people load and transport things."

Sterling Thomas
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"I am a T1 paraplegic; paralyzed back in 1988. I found that a 4-wheel drive GMC was the answer. One less minivan :)."

Patrick Keating
Dallas, Georgia

"I have been confined to a wheelchair for most of my life, and have always dreamed of owning a truck."

Douglas Hall
Kitchener, Ontario

"I chose ATC because I have always wanted a truck, and I like the weather protection of the gull-wing door."

Doug Lindley
Glenallen, Missouri

"...I am absolutely enamored with my ATC vehicle. It really has helped take the 'dis" out of disability."

Curtis Strang
Point Bay, Newfoundland

"... I was in a hunting accident that left me paralyzed... ATC was a no-brainer when looking for a new wheelchair accessible vehicle."

Clint Lindemann
North Dakota
Ebderlin, North Dakota

"This ATC truck allows me to continue living independently doing the things I enjoy."

Blaine Miller
Anchorage, Alaska

"I enjoy... providing peer mentorship for other folks in my same situation."

Joe Arcidiacono
Hanford, CA

"My truck gave me independence and the ability to go literally anywhere."

Austin Hanner
Ankeny, Iowa

"We chose ATC because they were the only company that could provide an accessible vehicle modification to something other than a minivan."

Carol & William Lugg
Calhan, Colorado