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ATC is excited to announce the launch of the Wheelchair Accessible Chevrolet Traverse that features the trademark ATC gull-wing door and an in-floor ramp that will make you re-think all other wheelchair accessible vehicles.Will you fit in the ATC Traverse? Probably! The ATC Traverse meets or exceeds the dimensions of most popular wheelchair vans and SUVs on the market.


Compare the ATC Traverse door opening dimensions to anything on the market. You will find that the entry/exit dimensions of the ATC Traverse are more accommodating than any other wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The in-floor ramp measures in at an industry leading 7.3 degree incline, and 31.75″ wide. Not only will you require less room to enter the vehicle, but the smaller incline will make your life easier every day.


Headroom in the ATC Traverse meets or exceeds most wheelchair accessible vehicles, measuring in at 60″ in the center of the vehicle from floor to ceiling.

Headroom in the front-passenger seat measures at an amazing 59.5″, greater than most vans that offer front-passenger wheelchair access.

The center of the vehicle’s floor measures 65″ wide, allowing plenty of room to maneuver into the driver position, passenger position, or directly behind the driver’s seat. Each of those positions can accommodate a wheelchair docking system.


ATC wouldn’t produce a vehicle with subpar ground clearance, and the ATC Traverse is no exception measuring in at 6 inches. With industry leading ground clearance, you can worry less about scraping that leads to costly repairs.


The back seat won’t be touched by the conversion, allowing for a roomy back seat that can accommodate additional passengers. Perfect for outings with family and friends.


Learn more about an optional transfer seat base or pulley system that can be added to our Midsize SUV conversions.

ATC Traverse with Ramp

ATC Traverse - Roomy Interior

ATC Traverse - Small Footprint

A 60″ Interior Center of Vehicle Height
B 60″ Door Opening Height
C 33.5″ Door Opening Width
D 31.75″ Ramp Width
E 40″ Ramp Total Length
F 12″ Ramp Length from Doorway
G 59.5″ Interior Front Seat Area Height
H 6″ Ground Clearance
I 10° Ramp Angle
J 60.25″ Center Floor Width
K 88.1″ Floor Length
800 lbs. Weight Capacity – Ramp

Measurements are subject to variance due to manufacturing tolerances, vehicle trim levels, and environmental factors. To ensure the best fit, contact ATC to confirm vehicle measurements prior to purchasing. All measurements are subject to change without notice.

ATC Traverse vs. Popular Wheelchair Vans & Midsize SUVs

 interior center of vehicle heightinterior front seat area heightdoor opening heightdoor opening widthramp angleramp lengthramp widthramp capacityground clearance
ATC Traverse60"59.5"60"33.5"7.3"12"31.75"800 lbs.6"
Braun Explorer58"59"55"28.5"9.3"52"28"1000 lbs.0
VMI Pilot58"59.5"55.5"33.5"12"57.75"32"800 lbs.4.75"
Braun Chrysler Pacifica
(Side-entry, Power In-Floor)
58”58”55”33.5”9.9 deg (vehicle kneeled)51.25”32.25”1000 lbs.5-6” *
VMI Chrysler Pacifica59”60” (without sunroof)56”29.3”9 deg (vehicle kneeled)59”30”800 lbs.4.6” (at exhaust)
Braun Toyota Sienna Infloor Ramp58.5”57.5”54”30.5”8.7 deg (vehicle kneeled)52”30.25”1000 lbs.Not listed
VMI Toyota Sienna (Northstar, Power In-Floor Ramp)61”61” (without sunroof)57.5”30”9 deg (vehicle kneeled)58.5”30”800 lbs.5.6”
Braun Honda Odyssey Power Infloor (side-entry)59.5”58”54.5”30.25”9.2 deg (vehicle kneeled)52”30.25”1000 lbs.Not listed
VMI Honda Odyssey (Northstar Power In-Floor Ramp)57.3”58.3” (without sunroof)55”30.4”9.2 deg (vehicle kneeled)58.3”30”800 lbs.5” (at exhaust)
Braun Dodge CompanionVan Plus (side-entry)57.25”56.25”52.5”31.5”12.2 deg (vehicle kneeled)52”29.25”1000 lbs.Not listed
VMI Dodge Grand Caravan (Northstar Power In-Floor Ramp)58.1”57.8”54.8”30.1”9.2 deg (vehicle kneeled)58.8”28.8”800 lbs.5.5”
*Data from Motor Trend – Braun doesn’t supply this info.

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