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Innovative Mobility

Our conversions open up a new world for our customers. In an ATC vehicle, they are only limited by what they want  to do, not what they can do.

ATC Benefits

  • Lifestyle – practical, affordable and sexy
  • Value – cost less to own than minivans
  • Fast – 25 second load and unload time!
  • Gull-wing door offers cover in inclement weather
  • Extremely durable – built to outlast the vehicle
  • Reliable – equipped with manual backup
  • Quiet Interior – OEM quality ride
  • Best ground clearance on the market
  • Best warranty in the industry – 3-Year / 36,000 Miles
ATC is Featured by Business Insider
Madison Gets to Ride Up Front

    review rating 5  I’ve had my ATC conversion truck now for a few months. It’s an all Black murdered out Chevy Trail Boss and it turns heads even before I open the gull wing door. Friends and family are so impressed, I’m constantly demonstrating how it works and cool it is. Strangers always want to take pictures and are asking questions about about it. More importantly , I’m a truck guy, I’ve damaged vans trying to get to my deer stand I just needed some off-road capabilities so I could get back to the life I lived before my injury. My lift has operated perfectly without the constant hang-up from other conversions and given me a huge bonus to the freedom of driving. I not only drive, I drive a beast truck that goes anywhere and can deliver me there in my wheelchair.

    thumb Shane Hill

    review rating 5  If you’re looking for a truck equipped with a conversion to use with your wheelchair look no further, ATC is the way to go. I just received my second truck from them, yes second one. I unfortunately got to a bad wreck and totaled the first one, but thankfully I was in an ATC truck, I came out alive and without a scratch. These trucks are built very well and look great! The customer service at ATC is very good too, just a call or chat (online) away. The whole purchase experience is very easy, even being out of state. Call Destry he’ll get you hooked up!

    thumb Clint Voelker

ATC Hero: U.S. Army Captain Luis Avila

Over the past 15 years, 6,600 Americans have been killed due to the wars and countless others have experienced major limb amputations and traumatic brain injuries. These wounds take years of therapy to deal with and require the support of families, medical experts and the entire community.

Happy Ford Convert

Tom was a Ford Guy and pulled himself up every day to get into his F-150, falling many times. He found us online and immediately converted. He caught a ride from upstate New York to our showroom in Raleigh just as soon as his truck became available for pickup. His smile says the rest.

Another Happy Minivan Convert

Paul owns a truck company in West Virginia and has always had minivans to transport him and his power chair around. His frustration with them led him to the internet, to see if there were better alternatives, and he found ATConversions.



In some cases, there is financial assistance available. We can point you in the right direction.

Vehicles You Want

Don’t get stuck with a minivan.  We offer our customers vehicles they Want to drive.

Loyal Customers

We had one customer who was so proud of his ATC Truck, he showed it off in his town’s parade.

ATC Service

Our service department works tirelessly to keep our Dealer Network up to date with any service issue that may arise.