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We manufacture wheelchair accessible vehicles that people want to drive.


ATC Full Sized SUV Conversions

Full-Size SUV Conversions

Cadillac, Escalade, Chevy Tahoe & GMC Yukon

Conversions Starting @ $31,900

ATC Large SUV Sized Conversions

Large SUV Conversions

Chevy Suburban, Cadillac Escalade ESV & GMC Yukon XL

Conversions Starting @ $31,900


ATC 1500 Truck Conversions

1500 Series Conversions

Conversions Starting @ $27,900

ATC 2500 Truck Conversions

2500 Series Conversions

Conversions Starting @ $28,900


Complete Truck Lineup and Details


Steve Kitchen - TestimonialSteve Kitchin
talks about the advantages of an ATC conversion over other options. Read It >

ATC Ambassador - Show Off - Get Paid
you an owner of an ATC vehicle? If so, we want you to show off your vehicle…and get paid for it! Learn More >
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section if you are looking to see what vehicles we convert and the costs associated with them.