Silverado, GMC, Suburban, Yukon XL, Escalade
ATC Advantages
  • Gull wing door design helps protect from inclement weather
  • Fast…25 second load and unload time
  • Extremely durable – built to outlast the vehicle
  • Reliable – equipped with manual backup
  • Quiet – OEM quality ride
  • Best ground clearance
  • Best warranty in the industry -
    5 Year / 50,000 Miles
  • Wow Factor! … and it’s not a van.
  • Whisper-like operation noise


The ATC conversion lift features a single, powerful motor that is lighter than others in the market, and operates more quickly and quietly than the competition.


Engineered to last, the conversion design by All-Terrain Conversions features a top quality hydraulic lift that is durable and built to outlast even rugged trucks.


Lifts can go on the driver or passenger side, and the door opens overhead for protection from the weather. The lift stores under the floorboard to maintain seating capacity.




ATC Highlights

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