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Minivan Sales Down 22.9%
We manufacture wheelchair accessible vehicles that people want to drive.

Reasons to Choose an ATC Vehicle

Less Space Required
Less Weather Problems
Less Time Required
More Ground Clearance
Less Minivan!
Conversion doesn't mean compromising quality
Steve Kitchin - ATC President - TestimonialSteve Kitchin talks about the advantages of an ATC conversion over other options.Watch Now >
ATC Ambassador - Show Off - Get Paid Are you an owner of an ATC vehicle? If so, we want you to show off your vehicle…and get paid for it! Learn More
Vehicles We ConvertCheck out our Vehicles We Convert section if you are looking to see what vehicles we convert and the costs associated with them.
ATC Highlights

The single-motor lift is quiet and quick- lifting or closing in less than 20 seconds! Faster than any handicap truck conversion on the market. The Speed of the Lift

Safety is a major feature of the ATC conversion, with quick release pins for emergency extraction of the driver or passenger in the wheelchair.The Door Acts as Protection

The ATC lift opens the converted vehicle door up and over, making the interior of the vehicle handicap accessible. The overhead door also provides protection from the outside weather elements while the driver/passenger enters or exits the vehicle! Easy Access

Start your vehicle, lock and unlock doors, set your alarm, and operate the ATC lift all from one single remote!

Remote Control System

The quality and product design of the hydraulic lift are made to outlast the lifetime of a durable pickup truck, unlike electric lifts in most mobility vehicles on the market.


Wheelchair Vehicles You Can Rely On

  • 5 Year/50,000 mile warranty
  • Lift built to outlast life of the truck
  • GM reliability

Better than a Conversion Mobility Van with Ramp

  • 15 Second load time
  • Easier transition to vehicle
  • Much quieter ride
  • Solid look and feel

Driver or Passenger Side Handicap Entry

  • Choose which side to convert
  • Gull wing door modification
  • Backseat still functional
  • Hydraulic Lift with manual backup

Optimal Height and Increased Safety Rating

  • Easily negotiate speed bumps and driveways
  • Improved safety after conversion
  • Only lose 10-15% MPG compared to 25-30% for vans